Thursday, December 25, 2008

His Voice

Over the period of about two weeks I believe that God has been telling me to quiet down and listen for His voice. I believe very strongly that God is actively speaking to His people but we aren't taking the time to listen to what He has to say. The interesting thing is that two days ago I met with my discipleship partner and God has been teaching him the same thing. Not only was it neat that he had been hearing the same thing but it was also a confirmation that it was God telling me that I needed to do this thing. Then just yesterday I was at my friends house and I just happened to see a picture that said: "Take the time to hear God's quiet voice in a world that speaks so loudly."

All this said, I know that God wants to commune with His children in deeper ways. Yet the question is, are we willing to be quiet and take the time to hear Him speak? From now on during my time with Him I'm going to make it a priority to quiet down and listen.