Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Israel Report

The Israel trip was amazing. I've considered posting about each individual day but I don't want to do that. Only for organization and time sake. However the trip was beneficial to me for a few reasons.

It gave me a better view of the culture. When we read the Bible we tend to put our culture to it. We have to remember that it was written by the Jewish people. They live much differently than we do. When we learn their ways we can interpret Scripture much more accurately.

It brought the Word to life. Reading and studying have went from standard television to HDTV. When you actually see the places and experience them first-hand it adds color to the Bible. Knowing that you saw the sight and smelled the smells somehow helps you to relate with the writer.

Lastly and most important is that it gave me more of a desire to learn the Word of God. Going into Israel I wished that I had spent more time studying and learning God's Word. To learn the significance of the people and places. Since coming back I've been studying the Word more diligently. I've almost wrapped up the New Testament and will start the Old Testament after I finish.

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