Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back 2 Florida

Well...Christmas break is almost over and no longer am I in Ohio. I left at 3 in the morning on the 3rd of this month for Venice, Florida. My family is staying here for a month but I'll only be able to stay for a week because college starts back up on the 13th. I'm actually excited to go back and continue growing in my relationship with the Lord.

Concerning my post on the voice of God. I have been spending more time in quiet solitude, trying to hear His voice. Although I feel like I haven't broke any ground, I do believe He's telling me to be disciplined in it and then it will bear fruit. If you are reading this post I encourage you to seek the Lord in this manner. It is absolutely crucial to be able to decipher the voice of God over the loud voice of the world. He wants us to hear Him, but great things rarely come easy.

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Cameron Sandel said...

Hey man- Ireally appreciate your challenge and insight on hearing the voice of the Lord. It's been a very good break for Sarah Beth and I and one of the desires of our hearts as husband and wife but also as son and daughter is to begin developing some of the core disciplines of the faith; meditation, prayer, solitude and so on. It's encouraging to hear that God is speaking to you in the same way. I hear a bunch of students down at the WAY are excited about you and John getting back down there. We'll see you soon.