Saturday, December 5, 2009

Birthday Present From God

As most of you know, yesterday was my birthday. I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday in the Jungle of Iquitos. I had a good day with my new family here in Peru. We went out to eat at a North American restaurant here called the Yellow Rose of Texas. Not only was it nice to eat some North American food but it was refreshing to spend some time out with my family here.

Apart from this something very surprising happened, I would call it a birthday present from God. I had taken a mototaxi back home by myself (The motortaxis are basically motorcycles with a two to three person cart welded onto the back). Once we arrived back to the church the driver turned around in his seat and asked me if i went to the church. I told him yes and that I was a missionary here in Peru. Immediately after that statement he asked me, "I have a desire to know and feel the presence of Jesus Christ but I just can't." He also told me of doubts that he had been having of whether or not there is a God. I had the opportunity to share my story and encourage him to seek God deeply in prayer. Also had the opportunity to pray with him. I'm not sure what came of it but I know that God put him in my path for a reason.

For me this is the greatest birthday present one could ever receive, being able to tell and share of the love and presence of Jesus. This experience has refreshed me and shown me again why I am here in Peru. I'm here to serve and to love the people of Peru. Please pray for Miguel (Taxidriver).

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Lindsey S. said...

Gary! That is so exciting! I'm so glad you are allowing God to work in your life and do wonderful things through you. I dearly wish we could talk more, but I understand what you are doing and it is such an encouragement to me.